East Africa’s Javelin Champion

Click the link to read the article. http://static1.squarespace.com/static/54294956e4b0f39bff3491b2/t/55fa4637e4b0914105336d74/1442465335215/Zinduka_e-Digest_Sept_2015_Issue_No.1.pdf#page=17

Today is a wonderful day. I got my first article published in a digest. For many this might not mean anything. But for me, this means a lot. It means you can dream. You can go chasing after that dream and sometimes if you’re very lucky, you can catch it. It means you can do whatever you set your mind to and the unattainable can be attained. All great writers start from somewhere. They write a little here and a little there and one day they are counted among the greats. And so this is where I start, and hope and pray that the end will be just as good as the beginning. I hope you enjoy the article about one of East Africa’s shining new stars.

P.S. the article has been published in an e-digest called Zinduka Digest which is a monthly publication that tells the East African story. It celebrates the East African people, reveals their struggles and applauds their diversity. It was formulated as part of efforts being made towards regional integration. In this regard, there will be a Zinduka festival for all East Africans which will be held in Arusha, Tanzania from the 23rd-28th November, 2015. It’s a fun and creative space where people can come and share about the things they consider important to them as well as the issues they would like to see addressed in the region. To learn more about the Zinduka Festival happening In Arusha, visit http://www.zindukafestival.com